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O&M Guidance for water treatment plants

  • Guidance for operation of drinking water supply projects
  • Guidance for operation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)
    Guidance for mechanism of treatment facilities in WWTPs
    Guidance for setting and monitoring of operational parameters of WWTPs
    Guidance for establishing monitoring systems for WWTPs operation
    Guidance for O&M report writing
    Guidance for improvement of the treatment process at activated sludge WWTPs
    Guidance for providing sanitary facilities
    Guidance for troubleshooting O&M problems in WWTPs
  • Training & Guidance
    Training programs on wastewater related subjects
    Training and guidance for operational risk management in WWTPs

Business Results

  • JICA livestock wastewater treatment project in China (dispatch of experts)
  • JICA training program on the efficient operation of WWPTs in Malaysia
  • Development of the operational simulator for WWPTs corresponding inflow rate and rainfall intensity


1. Membrane Filtration System for Water Purification (D-Aqfil)

D-Aqfil is a water purification system that can produce drinking water from a variety of raw water.
The system uses UF or RO membranes to reliably remove suspended solids and pathogens.

2. Facility information monitoring system for water treatment plants (D-com)

D-com has the capability to monitor a variety of data related to water treatment plants. The system helps in proper management of water treatment facilities.

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